Saturday, August 21, 2010

San Xavier Mission Celebrates Tucson's Birthday

Photos by Jon Scanlon

Saturday morning we ventured out to enjoy the magnificent San Xavier Mission with Native American arts and crafts, food booths and entertainment.

Waila music set the tone for visitors' enjoyment. Toe tapping and a bit of dancing was mixed with Indian fry bread to make the courtyard the place to be. We wanted to split fry bread but Jon wanted the cheese and I love the honey with powdered sugar. We introduced fry bread to Fox 11 News' Samantha Ptashkin, who has only lived in Tucson a few months. What an experience that shooting assignment had to be for someone new to the area. We take the mission for granted.

I bought beaded bracelets from one of the booths. By evening I had the pleasure of giving them all away. I wish I had bought stacks of them. Maybe that will be the excuse to go back soon.

Blogged by Ambassador Patti Scanlon

Fry bread is cooked with wood fires.

Marcelino C. Flores, Community Development Coordinator Development Services, Pascua Yaqui Tribe. Marcelino's booth held many colorful and spiritual paintings. He spoke of the journey painting has taken him. Powerful feelings show in his work. The canvas on the easel stood blank. The glaring white reflected back at the sky. He said it had not talked to him yet. So far he did not know what he wanted to paint. We were discussing Tucson's 235th Birthday. Later he came up to Jon and said he would honor the Birthday by painting a 235 stroke painting. Today he sent a copy to show us the completed work. Watch for a future blog to see his tribute and remember to visit this young artist. Patti Scanlon

Caught in line for fry bread; Linda Ray and Patti Scanlon

Photographer and Friend-of-Cele David Fisher and Linda Ray danced their best imitation of Waila.

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