Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fashioning History, Celebrating Cele, Celebrating Tucson

More than 80 people packed into the Arizona Historical Society to pay tribute to that doyen of Tucson fashion, Cele Peterson. We enjoyed learning more about her many contributions to our city and ooohed and ahhhhed over her fabulous designs, including a dress made of copper! Mrs. P truly loves what she does and believes strongly in supporting her community. Thank you for all you've done for Tucson Mrs. P!

Desert-themed Art Exhibit at Ward 6 8/22

I thoroughly enjoyed myself visiting with many local artists and sharing good food at Nina Trasoff's Ward 6 art exhibit opening. These are photos of my three favorite works of art.

My favorite was this watercolor entitled "Reflections" by a very talented artist, Helen Mazziotta.

However, "Summer Vines" by Marianne Poston was the favorite of several other attendees, and we all really liked "Border Crossers" by Amelia Galloway.

To those who could not attend, the objects d'art are still available for viewing & purchase at Nina Trasoff's Ward 6 office.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Birthday Cake with the Ghosts

It always happens. Just when you think you really don’t need to buy anything else, you see that one more thing you need, not just want but need. So, when I visited the 22nd Street Antique Mall, I realized there was something that I needed and a lot more that I wanted. But I was there to celebrate Tucson’s 234th birthday.

There had been a good number of people wanting to share birthday cake with ghosts. I don’t know how many ghosts there were but there were at least three different types of birthday cakes to enjoy.

I was one of the lucky ones who also received a small scroll detailing the history of Tucson. It was certainly worth the trip. I left with my scroll, some cake and that one item that I needed.

---/Tina Johnson

Sun Sounds of Arizona

I knew I was in the right place as soon as I walked through the front door. Claire greeted me with a smile. I could hear the radio playing but it wasn’t the usual music. Instead, there was someone reading. That’s what the 150 volunteers do every day for Sun Sounds of Arizona. Today, anyone celebrating Tucson’s 234th birthday had a chance to watch a live radio broadcast and received a studio tour which included sound rooms, a communications room and more.

Not too long after my arrival, there was a group from Tucson Community Connections. After they finished the tour, Claire cut them birthday cake with strawberry filling. Listening to a comforting voice and eating cake-a great way to celebrate Tucson’s birthday.

---/Tina Johnson

Celebrating the Day

This gal sported a "HAPPY BIRTHDY"

Great Photos from August 20!

This is an actual cake! Can you believe it?

Scroll down and read all our Ambassadors' amazing blog posts about all the events of August 20, Then click "See all blog posts" for even more! Even more pics are on
the Tucson's Birthday photostream on Flickr.

Celebrating the Day

This gal sported a foam "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" crown as she waved at the first trolley car along the 4th Ave. Underpass Reopening Celebration.

50 Birthday Babies!

Fifty babies were born in Tucson on the city's 234th Birthday. Tucson's Birthday awarded each one a special certificate commemorating their birth with a copy of the original proclamation of the Presidio.

4th Ave. Underpass Opening

After 2 ½ years of construction, the new 4th Ave. Underpass opened on Tucson's birthday, reconnecting the University and the 4th Avenue merchants with downtown. Mayor Walkup hosted the ceremony. The festivities were complete with a bagpipers procession preceeding a trolley car that broke through the grand reopening ribbon. That was followed by a parade of vintage automobiles, one carrying Cele Peterson, the founder of the annual Tucson Birthday Celebration.

22nd Street Antique Mall

If you are looking for cool walk down memory lane, stop in at the 22nd St. Antique Mall. They have a little of everything including antique jewelry, collectible housewares and sports memorabilia, glass tops from power poles and some crazy big bugs and bats on display. I’m guessing some weekend entomologist was cleaning out his stash of framed creepy crawlies and flying nightmares. The staff was very hospitable and the mall impeccably organized.

Party Animals

The Reid Park Zoo and some of its most popular residents celebrated Tucson’s 234th birthday.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Ukulele Concert at Fellowship Square Tucson

I would not call them “senior” anything. But I would certainly say that they are “seasoned” because they know how to put spice into a Fiesta celebrating Tucson’s Birthday. For those who could not make it to the Ukulele Concert at Fellowship Square Tucson, I’m here to let you know that you missed a good one. We had over a 100 people who stayed up a little later than usual for a Monday night. While listening to the Fellowship Square Ukesters, I had a great time watching comedy skits, learning lyrics to songs of the Southwest and being in a room full of fun people. We watched Michael Crownhart juggle cacti, surprise us with oversized playing cards, and find one of the player’s kazoo. A soloist, harmonica player, and flutist shared with us their fabulous talents. I may not have grown up singing the songs but like many Tucsonans, I have heard them before and could hum a few bars or two—“Spanish Eyes”, “Ragtime Cowboy Joe”, “Back in the Saddle Again”, “Don’t Fence Me In”, “Rawhide”, and more.

Those who served in one of the U.S. military branches stood or waved while we sang several songs recognizing them.

As with any traditional birthday celebration, we ate cake and sang “Happy Birthday”!


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fiesta at La Siesta Aug 15

Hot rods, hot dogs from the grill, mariachi and cooling spray from the mister all added to the festive atmosphere at La Siesta Motel August 15. Historian Demion Clinco gave a lively presentation about the history of Miracle Mile, the once-thriving tourist destination of which La Siesta and its neighboring hotels were once an important part. La Siesta is a pioneer in the movement to restore these forgotten havens' attraction as boutique motels, with rooms individually decorated and equipped for discerning guests who appreciate their historic charms.