Sunday, September 5, 2010

Some of my favorite photos and events

by Jon Scanlon

Patti my wife saw the notice in the paper that people were needed to be Ambassadors for Tucson’s 235th Birthday. She thought it would be fun. I might not have been as enthusiastic. As it turned out we had a great time going to different events all over Tucson.

Patti greeted lots people at many of the events and I volunteered to be one of the photographers. I brushed off my photography skills and ended up shooting 32 events. We met so many new friends, some old ones and became tourists in our own town. Patti and I had such a good time we have already volunteered to be ambassadors for next year.

Above and below, Celebration of Padre Kino's Birthday at San Xavier Mission

Folklorico dancers at the Hugo O'Conor Fiesta at O'Shaughnessy's

Mayor Bob Walkup with Tucson's Official Troubadour, Ted Ramirez at the flag raising, August 20 at the Presidio.

DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun Rodeo Exhibit

Raising one of the five flags that have flown over Tucson in its history, annually on August 20, at the Presidio site.

Spectacular Birthday Sunset.

Winner of the Ward 3 Tucson's Birthday cake contest.

Eckstrom-Columbus Library

Official Tucson's Birthday Cake created by Maynard's pastry chef: A Sand Castle for The Big Kahuna

Fiesta San Agustín

The Buffet Bicycle Bonanza participants in their "Birthday suits."

Noche de Luz Flashlight Parade

"Hug an Ocotillo" Day

Hugo O'Conor Fiesta at O'Shaughnessy's

Ken Scoville guiding a tour of the Presidio site and its surroundings.

Tucson's Birthday Ambassador Jeffrey

Valley of the Moon

Above, Salvador Duran, and below, Gabriel Ayala perform in the "Celebrate Tucson" concert at the Fox Theatre, honoring Cele Peterson and Tucson's Birthday

Tucson's Birthday Ambassador Daryl at Atria Bell Court Gardens' "Evening with Fred Astaire."

A prize winner at the Noche de Luz Flashlight Parade, showing the colors of her Phillipine-American heritage.

Fellowship Square Tucson Birthday Round-up Concert

Fiesta San Agustín

Rich Stanley and his band present "The Music of Fred Astaire" at Atria Bell Court Gardens

Happy 235th Birthday Tucson! Thank You Tucson's Birthday Planners!

In Honor of the founder of Tucson's Month-Long Birthday Celebration, Cele Peterson, and her family.

Tucson's Birthday Planners
Hon. Richard Elias, Pima County Board of Supervisors
Hon. Regina Romero, Tucson City Council
Katya Peterson
Dave and Norma Fisher
Linda Ray
Jeff Nordensson
Lance Laber
Ray Davies
Art Pesqueira
Pete Hershberger
Tom Prezelski