Friday, August 20, 2010

Dave Fisher's Day

Photos by Dave Fisher

Dave Fisher and his wife, Norma, were very close, long-time friends of Cele and among her most faithful visitors when she was no longer able to get out as much as she had for so many decades. In particular, Dave has been a Tucson's Birthday hero, getting around to many more than his share of events since the very first one in 2006. He has been the Birthday's official, and, for the first two years, only, photographer.

As usual, he had a busy day, August 20. We hope you did, too!

Below, representatives of Las Donas de los Descendientes and officers of Davis Monthan Air Force Base, including Col. John Cherrey, Wing Commander, at the Flag Raising in the Presidio.

Mayor Bob Walkup, left, and costumed guests.

The five flags that have flown over the Presidio, and the flags of the Tohono O'odham and Yaqui nations.

A visit to the zoo. . .

. . .and a cookie at the Doubletree

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