Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kick-off at the Mission Garden Gate

The kickoff to Tucson's Birthday at the Mission Garden Gate was a historic event that inspired all who were present. It validated the spirit that the people of Tucson have regarding our history and culture of the Old Pueblo. It was an honor to have City Councilor Regina Romero and County Supervisor Richard Elias present and speaking to the group about the importance of what makes Tucson a unique place to live and raise a family. They spoke about the future of Tucson and the continuation of projects that will preserve our history and promote our city as a great place to live and visit. At build-out, the Mission Gardens will interpret how farming methods and crops evolved on that site over the 4100 years since corn was first planted along the Santa Cruz River at the foot of what is now "A" Mountain. by Ambassador Ruth.

Photo by Ambassador Jon Scanlon. See the rest of Jon's photos here.

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