Saturday, August 7, 2010

Desert Reptiles at Wheeler Taft Library

Photos and blog post by Ambassador Bjay

I took my son and his best friend to see Desert Reptiles at Wheeler Taft Abbet, Sr. Branch Library.

They ooohed and aaahed over turtle shells and skeletons, a big lizard, a snake and much more. There were touchables and visuals every kid wanted to see. They will now look at the shell of a turtle in a new and wonderous way now.

To be honest, they felt I was dragging them along with me. They wanted to stay in the cool house and play video games. Right before we entered the room, they asked with disdain how long it was going to be. I thought - aye yay yay!

Soon they were anxiously waiting their turn to ask questions and making sure passed around items didn't miss them. When it was over, they didn't want to go. They were taking a closer look at things and asking more questions.

This video shows how rapt they became in the presentation:

Introducing the snake:

Touching the snake!

Our roles switched and I was the one wanting to get back to the cool house, but they wanted to look at the reptile books in the children's area and learn more about snakes and lizards.

What a great way to celebrate Tucson's Birthday!

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