Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fiesta San Agustin

Photos and blog by Ambassador Bjay

I felt like I traveled back in time when I arrived at San Agustin Cathedral. Events like these sure expose Tucson's long roots in history and make me so proud to call myself a Tucsonan.

It is amazing that so many of our traditions and arts have endured for so long. The music, the dancers, the aroma wafting from the food stands - there was no doubt I was at a fiesta.

San Agustin has served area worshipers since we were a little Spanish presidio (fort) on the banks of the Santa Cruz river. It has been moved around and in various states of repair or disrepair but is a living piece of our history.

It had been raining on and off all day with some pretty impressive lightning displays. I was worried nobody would attend. Well I was wrong, the place was packed and the entertainment was going strong.

Here are a couple pieces of video I took at the fiesta:

Unfortunately, the storm clouds began to gather, and the fiesta had to be cut short.

I had fun anyway! Happy Birthday Tucson!

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