Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Youth artists create mural of Tucson's history - Downtown!

Vice Mayor Regina Romero joined artist Rocky Martinez and youth artists to celebrate a new mural located at the Tucson Water building downtown, adjacent to the Tucson Museum of Art
Tucson Parks and Recreation Arts in Reality program manager Ruth Marblestone worked with El Presidio neighbors and many others to teach kids about the history and culture of Tucson's westside. Ninety-nine year old Frank Pesqueira and his family attended to see the piece of the mural celebrating their family business - Grande Tortilla Factory, which recently closed. The theme was tucson's history and this area used to be loaded with wheat fields, which were used to create tortillas! Sonoran desert and Santa Cruz River wildlife and the history of chinese workers on the railroad are also represented. The Chinese quote on the mural can be translated to mean "10,000 wishes come true" or "Everything goes smoothly".
Congrats to all who participated, especially the youth: Richard Almarez, Michael Allen, Carlos Armenta, Gabe Beta-Kiser, Josh Beta-Kiser, Robbie Felix, John Granados, Trevin Hooker, Ital Ironstone, Thomas Jimenez, Jahan Khamsehzadeh, Dillan Patterson, Jose Soto, Jason Soto, Nick Thongsophaphona, Jonny Torrez, Nolan Veneklasen, Aaron Wuerfel.

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Michael B. Schwartz said...

Great work - see: http://communityarts.blogspot.com/2009/08/graffiti-controversy-and-terminology.html