Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dunbar African American Museum and Cultural Center

Dunbar African-American Museum and Cultural Center opened its doors today to anyone interested in a private tour. Shirley Hockett and Delores Townsend welcomed all with warm, friendly greetings. Cress Lander proudly showed visitors the results of renovation and renovation in progress.

The former TUSD school now turned museum and cultural center is steeped in Tucson history since its beginnings in
1918. The tour included a visit on the first floor to the Dance Academy, Barber Academy, Food Service and Catering Academy, Board Room and Green Room. The second floor, currently under renovation, will provide more space and will include historical cultural artifacts and additional Buffalo Soldier exhibits at the museum.

Some of the visitors reflected on “Where did the time go?” and commented that visiting a former school was like celebrating a birthday. One could not help but wonder how many kids had a chance to celebrate their birthday
while they were students at the Dunbar. We are pretty sure that it was not quite like celebrating 234 years of birthdays such as the City of Tucson celebrates this year. Celebrating Tucson’s Birthday is just another way that the Dunbar helps to bridge the gap and fill in the cultural divide among Tucsonans and between adults and youth. At the end of the
tour, visitors found cookies, water and soda waiting for them. For more information on the Dunbar, visit -- Tina Johnson

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