Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Haunted Antique Mall Celebrates the Past

The Haunted Antique Mall is celebrating Tucson's birthday! They had very tasty cookies (or "cakies", technically) on a festively decorated table. My boys kept coming back for more!! (Well, they would have if I would have let them...) Also for our perusal were some scrolls with interesting historical facts about Tucson. This was perfect for my 7-year old who is a big history buff! The most exciting part for my boys were the ghost stories. Also on the table were some books describing haunted buildings in our area. We found the section on the Antique Mall and read up! We then went searching the store for ghosts, hitting as many of the "affected" spots as possible. Much to the boys' dismay we had no supernatural encounters, but they sure did spook themselves! We had a good time, and I had to promise to bring them back so they could keep searching for ghosts!


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