Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tucson Birthday Party at Eckstrom-Columbus Branch Library.

Photos by Jon Scanlon
Eckstrom-Columbus Branch Library staff and volunteers helped everyone make a pop-up card of their favorite Tucson hero on August 28, 2-4pm.

Budding artists were engrossed in their efforts to make special cards from the materials the library provided. Cupcakes and cookies were evident on the happy faces that were stained with neon icing.

Kaleidoscopes from Lisa Frank twirled in the children’s hands.

Blue lips

Above, quilt made for Tucson's 234th Birthday at the Eckstron-Columbus Branch Library.

Below, Ambassadors Nancy Huff and Patti Scanlon. We worked together 20 years ago and met again at one of Tucson's Birthday events. It is a small world.

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