Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Flashlight Parade

With a little sadness but with many happy memories, Tucson's Birthday month came to a close with a Flashlight Parade.

We met at the foot of A mountain at sundown and walked along a luminaria-lined path to the multi-use trail that runs along the Santa Cruz and found the De Anza trail that includes trail-side attractions to educate walkers. Did you know that the Tohono O'Odham helped to build San Franscisco?

Luminaria-lined path

Walkers decorated flashlights and at the end of the walk voting commenced and the winning flashlight was chosen. Here is a picture of our winner, Sylvia, and her flashlight. She decorated it to honor her Norwegian heritage.

Thank you to everyone who participated in making Tucson's birthday so special. I LOVE Tucson, and it was fantastic to be around so many others who love Tucson too.

Ambassador Bjay

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